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Nocado organises the produkt range in 3 product lines:

  • nocanorm – standardized hygienic valves and fittings as well as components, not in contact with the product, for the three product ranges
  • nocaplus – meets highquality requirements, especially with complete documentation on demand
  • nocasept – meets highest requirements, especially for the aseptic production and filling as well as for the pharmaceutical industry


Nocado supplies valves, fittings and components fort he non-hygienic energy area on request.


Nocado manufactures hygienic valves, fittings and components for use with liquid, pasty and gaseous, non-abrasive media:  

  • Valves – from DN 6 to DN 200 for nearly all applications in the hygienic process technology
  • Installation material – from tubes and pipe connections up to structural tubes, bars and rods and tools
  • Filters – angular filters, passage filters, dirt collection filters  - primarily used to protect system components
  • Sight glasses – "bull’s eyes" and cylindrical-type sight glass
  • Tank equipment – equipment for tanks and containers  
  • Product recovery system – components for product recovery in pipelines
  • Customized solutions – according to customer’ s specification also according to ASME and AD2000, from the drawing to the qualification certificate.

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