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Pipe connections


( Technical information pipe connections as PDF-file)



Wherever separable connections are practical, particularly

  • For the connection to components subject to acceptance inspection(e.g. pressure equipment)
  • Where welded connections are extremely expensive due to special conditions
  • For disassembly for service and repair
  • For connecting machines and system parts
  • For connecting various materials such as stainless steel tubing to plastic tanks
  • For switching pipe routes (particularly panels and pipe fences)



Complete product line available from stock, e.g.

  • German "milk pipeline fittings" according to DIN 11851
    • Nocado small flange with metallic stop and hygienic gasket system
    • SMS “Swedish dairy fitting”
    • IDF
    • RJT
    • clamps including e.g. heavy clamps in various designs
    • aseptic pipe connections as threaded fittings, flange or clamp connections with metallic stop, self-centering (also for piggable
      lines) O-ring seals, also available for orbital welding
    • connections in industrial versions are available for energy lines
    • Special versions for adaptation of nearly all pipe diameters on request



  • Gasket materials of:
    • PTFE

and according to FDA directive of:

    • Perbunan
    • Silicone
    • HNBR
    • EPDM
    • Viton
    • others on request

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