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Quality Management

  • Already in the early days of upcoming ideas for a systematic approach to quality Nocado developped and implemented a comprehensive Quality Management System. We are persuaded that Quality Management is a key factor for the design and manufacturing of HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS

Nocado's quality management system is designed and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We continously encourage and train all our employees to be the driving force of our CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT PROCESS.

REGULAR AUDITS with external experts guarantee the continous efficiency of our quality system and provide new ideas for further improvements.


  • Wherever legal or customer demand requires Nocado adds further certifications (e.g. EHEDG, ATEX, ...) to its quality management system.


  • All our activities follow the guidelines that we have documented in our Quality Management Manual.


Please get here further information on certifications. 

Nocado quality guidelines

  • Nocado offers a quality standard which is oriented at customer’s expectations and which the customer considers to be optimal for the product and the joined services. Thereby our customers are questioned about their satisfaction with our products and services.                     
  • Nocado defines and controls single processes and creates transparency in temporal sequences and matter-of-fact relations through clear description and mutual information. Thereby Nocado realizes and evaluates the cost structure.
  • Nocado is constantly controlling defined interfaces in the interrelation of single sequences and reacts quickly in the case of adverse variances.
  • Nocado organises the processes under the premises of optimal customer value, analyses critical events and creates solutions which are discussed with relevant positions before the installation.
  • Nocado analyses technical innovations of market companions and critically compares them to its own innovations.  
  • Nocado involves the company staff in the process of constant quality improvement. Thereby the management level assumes its function as role model in order to motivate the whole staff in the process of quality improvement.
  • Nocado applies its own quality objectives also to related companies. Not only the price, but also the product quality and the punctuality of deliveries are negotiated with suppliers. 

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