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Nocado group

The Nocado group is a worldwide manufacturer of fittings, valves and components of stainless steel and other special materials, such as titanium or Hastelloy.


Our consequent focus on customer proximity together with quality and flexibility by increasing productivity helps Nocado expanding our position on the world market.


The expansion of existing and the installation of new production locations as well as the increasing globalisation of the products motivated Noado to establish a highly efficient quality management system in order to guarantee that the hallmark Made by Nocado means the same high-quality product at every production location.


This includes the central management of international activities from the business location in Germany for the areas

  • Research and development
  • International production and transfer of know-how
  • Quality management


Local subsidiaries as well as production locations in Europe, South America or South East Asia mean to the customer

  • support in the official language on site, without time difference
  • competent consultation
  • short delivery times of standard components due to stocking
  • minimisation of customs duty and freight costs

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