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Selection of components

Optimum selection of components requires a considerable amount of expert knowledge and experience.

Nocado can arrange courses of training and workshops, where desired. In order to facilitate selection of the components, Nocado has divided up its complete range of products into three product lines.


For the vast majority of applications, the nocanorm line is sufficient; it provides primarily the familiar and proven Nocado product line and is available in the materials AISI 304/304L or 316L.


The nocaplus line was introduced primarily for demanding applications in the food industry and the cosmetics industry. This line consists of components which can be supplied with complete documentation, if required. On the one hand, these are components from the nocasept line, but available in material AISI 316 L with short connection pieces for manual welding. On the other hand, components from the nocanorm line are included which satisfy more stringent requirements in terms of hygiene and quality.


The nocasept line was originally developed for the pharmaceutical industry. In the meantime, the components are also used for aseptic processes in the food industry. The nocasept line is complete in itself and offers all components from pipe bends to valves, satisfying the highest requirements for quality and documentation. All nocasept parts are available on a standard basis in material 1.4435 and can be orbitally welded as a matter of principle.

Construction material such as for production of safety bails for rides, railings, platforms, etc. is selected by the customers according to the following criteria:


  • Technical suitability (e.g. stability)
  • Legal acceptance/documentation (also insurance factors, where applicable)
  • Appearance
  • Price


For hygienic plants the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • The selection of components should be accomplished primarily according to economic factors. In addition to the purchasing costs, the following points should also be taken into consideration:
    • Operating safety
    • Installation costs
    • Operating costs, including:
      • product losses
      • cleaning costs
      • pressure losses (required pump capacity)
  • Dead spaces should be avoided or if they cannot be avoided at least minimised.
  • "The best connection is no connection at all"; it is therefore more practical to produce one pipe with five extensions than to weld it together with five T-pieces. Components prefabricated at the factory are generally of a better quality than those produced during assembly.
    Piping systems in automated facilities are not generally emptied completely with a few exceptions such as in the pharmaceutical industry:
    • Air and other gas bubbles frequently remain in the piping, even at high flow rates. This is the most frequent reason for insuf-
      ficient cleaning and the associated product contamination.
    • Eccentric reducers can aid in allowing gas bubbles to escape.


For aesthetic reasons, pipelines are generally installed parallel to the walls.


However, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Shorter pipelines with fewer bends are more economical not only in terms of the installation costs, but also particularly in terms of the operating costs.


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